A light room with a nice window is very difficult to achieve and yet it’s also very beautiful. Personally, I find the windows to be wonderful. They always look so simple and beautiful and I also enjoy seeing how they manage to be so tall and wide. You can’t really see them as much but they still let you capture the beauty of each corner of the room.

Sometimes it’s refreshing to see a curtain that has a more modern edge. The advantage for such a décor is that such a décor is usually extremely simple. There are only neutral colors and the always visible barriers are purely decorative. Nevertheless, they help create the impression of a larger space. There are many curtain that look elegant and stylish. You can simply chose one with a really long and heavy design.

The panels can be very sleek and heavy as well as feature legs that can reach to the ceiling. The panels can be combined with decorative panels in different colors like this beautiful yellow. This creates continuity but, at the same time, it looks playful. The windows provide a particularly distinctive play of colors on the part of the curtains.

Purple Curtains For Living Room Photo 3

The color contrast is also an element that keeps the décor from looking too simple. The combination of beige and blue is always beautiful and chic and this way the effect is even stronger for long curtains. These two tones might not be compatible elements if you use the same piece of furniture but you can use them for the same effect.{pictures from bhg}.