This living room has to be one of my favorites. It’s so simple and yet so eye-catching. The combination of beige and purple is unexpected but I think that’s entirely due to the contrast of the textures. The purple really brings out the passion of the walls and brings some of the simplicity into the rest of the décor. This is a living room designed by Marti.

The sofa has a geometric design and a very simple but graceful shape. This is also a versatile choice for a lot of different spaces like the living room or dining room. The living room has metal and beige fabrics being the main colors used in the design. The result is a very harmonious décor, with a dynamic textures throughout and an interesting modern shape but still, there’s something that provides the warmth and comfort you need in order to get the right feeling.

This sofa looks very sophisticated, even though it’s elegant and simple. There’s something very cozy about it, even though it contrasts with the yellow and gray shades found in the living room. Ultra sueda pink was also used in this case. The TV stand and the armchairs and the stand are also neutral and covered in velvet.