The first thing that probably comes in the mind of many people is the comparison of colors. The walls of a living room may be colored in vivid punch, the furniture line in a different color and sometimes even the ceiling color. The furniture is usually brown and features the combination of various tones. However, sometimes a white or black wall also has a contrastive look.Such a combination can turn out to be a very versatile and cool idea. The combination of cool tones can create a very interesting look.

There’s a very pleasant atmosphere in the English bathroom when using that combination. Take this living room for example. It seems like a casual but elegant décor. The simple and modern furniture pieces are complemented by the classy and cozy fireplace and the lush balcony.As for the other walls, they are very simple. The ceiling is painted white with no exceptions and the floors are all made of wood. The living area is simple and has a great natural view and the fireplace warms up the atmosphere.

The living room also includes a sofa and a floor lamp. The TV is mounted on the wall above the fireplace. The bedroom is very simple. It also has a walk-in chamber with two levels. It’s cleverly named choice Suite, as it uses only the surrounding free space. It’s a private space. It features a spacious bathroom and two double bunk beds.

The en-suite bathroom also has a shower. In addition to the usual bathtub, the bedroom also includes a powered glass sink with chrome fixture, a mini table and generous storage. The shower is enclosed on three sides by elegant tiled walls. The living room is connected to the dining room via large sliding doors.

Here there are also two separate living rooms, one of them is the kitchen. A hall separates then from the other two. They are all designed to be in touch with each other and to easily get through to the work area if required. The suite has large windows that let in natural light and beautiful views.