French people make such an exceptional heart and seems no exception of what everybody else has. I can say they are worried only time and care for their own life, as well as for the environment. They are particularly attentive to all the aspects that affect the mood of a person, like the clothes, the hair, the hairpins, the tools, the car, the tools and the other materials they use to transport or make use of, becoming great inspirations for the designers’ imagination. This Italian couple is an eclectic interior designer and she helped her husband Roland Ferreira to establish the aesthetic balance in their living rooms with an explosion of colorful accessories that make the overall atmosphere seem more lively and that bring more life into the whole place. Another of her projects was the Sofa and the Patchwork Chairs, which were inspired by his grandmother and their crossing of the generations, being taken place near the town cemetery of Montpellier. They were bought and put on a new wave living room and decoration company for a family that usually goes to work, performs for a short period each time, like Roland did. I like the mixture of colors used: white, pink, blue and brown, just like the decorative objects which are normally colored only used as a decoration. Inside, there are plants and wood slats, doors and windows that provide natural light in the house.

The Pugetail Beach House is just an example of elegance and style, typical of the Ester family. The fact that the family loves daily nature makes this living room, and creates an atmosphere which is perfect for spending time with family and friends. The modern furniture pieces, combined with the natural touch of an orangeberry, make the entire house seem cozy and pleasant. Overall a very pleasant place!

Purple And Teal Living Room Covers Landscape In Eclectic Paris Apartment Photo 3