The first impression people get when they look at a room is that of a luxurious and luxurious environment and a décor. That image can be easily painted over in case you want to create a serious luxury and opulence. However, there is one aspect that always gets people’s attention and that is silver. In the living room, silver can also be a very elegant color so that you can create elegance and stylish design.

Silver blushed silver blossom garlands are a beautiful detail that can be applied in dramatic and interesting ways. Featuring silver tones and patterns, they can create the idea to decorate the room in silver colors. You can make a hallway in silver blue or go towards a whole in silver color to create a more voluptuous and luxurious look. The idea is to keep the rest of the décor in light and bright white.

Purple And Silver Living Room Ideas Photo 2

The walls in the living room can be decorated in silver colors such as white and gray, so feel free to mix and match different prints and colors. To create the look of a silver front door display put garlands on the wall and add a few silver decorations like pictures with flowers and figurines on the porch or place decorations in the garden. Add a few silver accents in the house for contrast and soften the place. A simple way is by mounting silver and red and to add a few more vibrant tones, paint the outside of the house a dark color such as coral or yellow and add a few little splashes of color in the form of decorative plants near the door or over the fireplace. Take a closer look here of a silver and red living room. It will definitely look amazing.{pics from bhg.comphoto}.