People can get bored easily by the same repetitive things. For example it is almost normal to spend your time in the middle of the woods with the sound of the heels and the animal’s backs and watch the sunset while being cold. You can get bored easily and you will take it easy to start a new day with new feelings.

The next two living rooms share the same idea and use the same furniture.This is the Zara living room design. It is a contrastive combination of colors, too, that brings an artistic touch to your furniture arrangement. The black and white combination is calm and attractive. You may also mix with some grey and beige elements and even go for the golden look.

The living room colors are calm, they are not pretentious and possess a natural feel. The furniture is modern and elegant and there are not many details that can under define it, so it seems to be a combination of modern and vintage pieces. The living room is not very big. It has white walls, black wooden floor and some dark wooden-framed wall panels. The black elements seem to be the center of this place. The armchairs are black and the carpet is light gray. So, to make things even more simple and easy to take care of the interior of the house, every step is made with special attention, special washing and drying instructions and each one of them is to be cleaned with the sudsy water of clean a cold water washing solution. I appreciate this idea of cleaning the living room with fresh materials instead of cleaning parts of the house that you live in.