People have always withstood theandom around the city, so they can get dressed and ready for work by the time of working. Perhaps the desire of all work-oriented people is the dull and monotonous nature of gray, but also perhaps it is the desire of a work-house, where everything is arranged and supposed,gray and its color and style. These two nuances, these extremes and starkness, of a living room are so well put together, that when one thinks of a work-house, gray and blue go well together.

I don’t have presented this idea in my own living rooms, but this is a good illustration. In a living room with multiple personality-effort and various little details, the first impression is that of a great place where you can work. The room is very well organized, neat and well decorated with sofas and armchairs, etc. The simplicity and also the color and material choices give character to the entire product and make your living room from floor to ceiling more pleasant.

Purple And Gray Living Room Furniture Photo 2

The grey-white combination seems tad strange and austere, but the secret mixture of cherry blossoms and chocolate-colored fruits gives your living room an elegant and sophisticated look. The small details are also successfully combined with the black and white decorative objects, to create a balanced and yet tasteful space.

The living room with the kitchen, dining room, living room, terrace and bedroom are all accessible from the ground floor. The garage is located on the first floor and the guest house is situated on the second floor.{found on archdaily}