People prefer to combine colors with all sorts of patterns for better lighting and decoration. They prefer a simple look and they want to decorate their rooms with light colors and small details that make their living spaces look larger and create a uniform and elegant décor. A living room used to look smaller at first but with a little help from the appropriate shades of chocolate brown you’ll obtain a very beautiful living room. This is a chocolate living room and the black and white combo is very elegant.

The living room in this case is not the only difficult feature in terms of design. The chocolate walls create a very cozy atmosphere and they go well with the wooden furniture and the rug, the carpet and their chocolate tone. The room in particular is unique. It’s the part of the house that has an unusual strong color. It’s not a color typically associated with taste buds or with those that you can easily create using a printer.

Purple And Chocolate Brown Living Room Photo 2

It’s a color that would look very beautiful in the living room and create a very elegant and refined décor. To create this particular color you can simply purchase silver paper and maybe also print on paper or you can draw the design yourself and then apply it. Anyway, there’s not much you can do about the lines so this is going to be an easy and seamless project. There are lots of different lines and effects to make this be a very elegant living room.{pics from design-remont}

Purple And Chocolate Brown Living Room Photo 3

Purple And Chocolate Brown Living Room Photo 4