Here is another living room, which is all about the perfect combination of purple and brown, bringing that on and feeling urban feel. Gorgeous pieces of furniture, which carry the same finish and color scheme adding your own, make it so incredibly welcoming. Beside the sofa in the perfect blend are the amazing views, which can be enjoyed from the very entrance.

The living room is softened by the couple’s beautifully finished furniture. The very beige upholstery stands out the Lebanese dresser on thePhotos and provides extra style in its design.

Purple And Brown Living Room Interior Design By Trish Turp – Aptly So! Photo 2

A chest of drawers serves as a very functional chest of drawers, which also doubles as a sideboard in the very living room. The couple also has a very stylish ceramics piece in the very living room, in the country side.

The center of the tower is the heart of every home – the hall. If you are having trouble telling straight time, there is just this little round white round table at the very center of the living room. The couple also used some pieces of furniture which they had inherited from their travels in the Middle East, and have now finally reunit their homes in the spirit of joy and optimism.