People like certain things. They have different tastes or this for example makes them better and more attractive. A certain flavor or a design or a combination of the things that form a living room can sometimes become an object in the same time, a decorative item that creates a certain atmosphere that makes you feel really comfortable and nice.

The next idea is definitely a bad dream. It combines the two opposite: mystery and coziness. I guess it could very well look like this: it is made out of two living rooms. They can also be separated, if not intended for that purpose, when needed and the only thing that is left is the imagination. To create such a dreamy atmosphere in your living room you need two large panels. Pick one of the above colors and the second that is grey and brown and place the panels either in the middle or on top of each other. You can either use a ladder or not, depending on the preferences.

Purple And Brown Living Room Ideas Photo 2

I really like this: it has no fireplace and it looks very cozy. You could also use some pillows if your living room is not very big. You could also add some moss , my plants. You can also make some rustic candle arrangements or use it as a vase in case you want. You can also add some oil, your wicks, varnish, wax oil and everything else you see fit. The living room should be romantic and comfortable, as this room can be your private, yet very well organized space.{found on flickr}

Purple And Brown Living Room Ideas Photo 4