Ideally, a house should have floor to ceiling windows, near to the front door and it should have an inviting living room. This room should be decorated with the least colored variant available and preferably with warm and color accents.

Monotone colors can be very helpful when it comes to the living room. It allows the inhabitant to feel more relaxed and less uncomfortable. It also means that they can use the warm tones more often than the harsh colors and it allows them to feel more comfortable. Most of the times, the best combinations of color and pattern are pastels. Most often, we see pastel wallpapers combined with brighter tones or with subtle tones. They always manage to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. But you can redirect your attention towards the pastels of the walls.

You can create the impression of a larger space by using smaller colored furniture pieces. For example, this living room isn’t extremely large but there are pieces that look impressive, like massive chandeliers or impressive hanging pendants. The furniture pieces have simple designs and soft shapes. The pastel color used for the living room walls seems to be soothing and calming and it results in a very pleasant décor. It’s nice to see how everything is balanced in this room and how every color is subtle and different yet harmonious.

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