This property is located in West Hollywood, in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. It’s a very beautiful and eye-catching combination of styles. As most celebrity homes, this place has that rich history surrounding it and that distinguish it from the rest of them. The residence dates back to 1962 and it suffered several changes over the years. However, it doesn’t look old and outdated. In fact, it has a very beautiful and stylish look.

You can immediately see that this property has a modern appeal. Not only that it’s stylish and beautiful but the house also has a very inviting and relaxing interior design. The colors sued throughout are simple and throughout the house we can see pallet top cabinets, reclaimed wood and vintage furniture pieces.

Modern is the most common word that comes to mind when thinking of a residence, a hotel, an opulent hotel and, of course, the perfect balance between beautiful and cozy. This property has all of that. As its name suggests, there’s an amazing mixture of styles and influences. The décor is a combination of modern and vintage, the colors neutral but also bright and clean shades. There’s a permanent contrast of tones here. The interior is an amalgam of vintage and modern.

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As we know, there are several trends shaping nowadays and this is one of the reasons why this property is so beautiful. Combining practicality and style, this contemporary residence combines style with luxury. In terms of interior design, the house is very beautiful. It’s minimalist and it’s very elegant, stylish and casual. The colors used are neutral, the shades are quiet and the textures are simple and well chosen.{property maintained}.

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