We are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways of making a sitting room more comfortable and inviting. It is hot and cold most of the times and you certainly want to improve that by doing something to compensate the lack of comfort. One of the solutions would be to paint the walls of the living room. We have already seen a wide variety of colors available for the typical domestic as well as decorative purposes.

These colored walls make any living room look better and more interesting. We shall show you a Stylish sunken living room that combines traditional shapes with modern features.

Pouring A Sunken Living Room Paint Color Into Your Interior Photo 2

The colorful abstract wall art is something that will not make you hate this living room. The fact that the shape and cool background and sky blue is taken to a maximum, the background and the blue must make the perfect combination of colors that makes you think of a ship’s painted wall and its cargo.

Pouring A Sunken Living Room Paint Color Into Your Interior Photo 3

The rest of the room has very modern rooms furnished in a mix or combination of retro and modern pieces. There is the modern ceiling, which makes you feel like you are board of a ship with two Starmen. The comfortable armchairs accompany you in the sitting room and there are also modern tables and chairs in turquoise that make you feel like you are on board of a ship with some other people. The dark floor with some beige wood pieces make you feel like you are in the middle of a forest with some odd trees behind your knees rests.

Everything is simple and the bedroom is the perfect image of comfort and relaxation. The classic bed is complemented by floor pillows, a headboard and night stands decorated with candles in different styles and materials. The hanging lamps hang over a bed with modern night lamps in the ceiling. The hanging plants give life to the room. The hanging TV gives the impression of stars being stars on the night’s nights.Your house needs to be a little bit special in order to be able to enjoy your private place near a sunken living room. So here are some ideas of what you could do to feel like you are on a royal yacht, with your comforts in the middle of wonderful tropical waters, with your little tea house near the waters of a giant Kruger´s pond.