When we say ordinary we usually mean the ordinary. However, for this writer we would mean the unusual. Today we came across a very interesting but not unexpected project. This writer once used to be a much different person but then he began to hate crowds and people and started suffering spiritual depress. That was until his mother revelation and he decided to put everything behind by inventing. Now it’s finally going to me!

After seeing all these amazing ways in which simple things can make such a spectacular statement, I find this quite a great idea. The house and furniture displayed here are meant to make you feel comfortable and makes you think of peaceful and peaceful times. The atmosphere inside is warm and inviting. The jars are the perfect place to experiment with colors and textures while also creating a unique place to stay. The owner’s passion lies in music. It needs to express that through the furniture and the decorations. These details make this place unique.

The renovation was completed in 2011. I would love to see more and more examples of how creative the designers and crafts can be. The final result is modern and colorful but with a historic look. It doesn’t necessarily have to look modern, although it can be interesting to add a vintage touch to your home. The history is rich but the design’s modernity combined with the simplicity of the simple modern lines makes this place unique.