Blow open your eye and try to picture yourself in there. It is a hardwired world that doesn’t have all our ideas and we all dream of having them in our head, but this is the way I see things. There are all sorts of ideas for making a house living room and if you really like it, there are a hundred of us to be proud of.

These ideas for living rooms have just become one of the most fun and creative ones you could have. They all have a personality that makes them special, a muse for a design so special that you would love to revive it, transforming it into something unique and even better than you’re used to. And if you really like a specific theme, these light and bright images will blow your mind away. They will blow your mind so keep reading.

Pop Ceiling Design For Living Room By By Greg N. Fredericks Photo 2

These living rooms are open spaces and the key is to make this theme the main focus. If you want to make the most of your space and bring a little personality to it, then go for oversized art, feel sophisticated and, of course, in the smallest details. For example, if you have a lot of stuff on your clothes, put them on on the living room wall. Choose a beautiful frame and it will look special.

Pop Ceiling Design For Living Room By By Greg N. Fredericks Photo 3

This is a very simple design featuring motifs from different domains. You might think it’s a very simple way of bringing a little world feel into your living room but it’s not actually that simple. You can make it from simple decorations like wall and floor art, colored pillows or fabric covers and sheets. Basically you just have to make a pattern out of three simple materials. For the curtains you will need something larger like a piece of stretched paper or an embroidery hoop.{pictures from here}.