Your standard pool table must be in some way, shape or line it on the floor, so your dinner table must be no less than perfect. The standard table is a fixed, long lasting and relatively simple piece of furniture. It is usually shaped like a normal table, with a normal leg end and a table top. However,orks have come up with a completely new way of designing their private living rooms. Meet the Floating Pool Table. The name of the pool table suggests its floating character. The floating table is made by Longwood Lane Faucet and Corporation. The collection includes a multitude of table stands that can be combined to create a large variety of decors.

It’s always very easy to decorate with floating tables. If you chose the standard version, there are designs such as this one which basically put the spotlight on the table. It also has a transparent top which allows you to admire all the things around without having to use a lot of space. The light is soft and creates a nice atmosphere for dinner. After all, who would ever wish to have dinner like this?

This unique table is available at 1500 $ and designer and builder Anita Marcola remains und unquestioningly proud of it. She shares it is legendary quality and the durability is extraordinary. The floating table is a real statement piece for any interior décor and style and it creates a very pleasant atmosphere.