Plants are our lifeline, lifeline! We come across it in the moment when we must escape from the ill states of the day, and bring home a warm response to our circumstances. That’s what people should do, too, within our homes. As you can imagine, Plush Furniture collections is a challenge at the highest level. Nevertheless, Divano Studio managed to translate that same concept (work on mind) in the beautiful furniture sets designed for this Spanish-born family.

The collection is a collection of living room furniture, divided into three distinct sections. They are probably not specifically named for a heavy ceiling but they certainly all describe the beauty of this lightness in design. The collection is a blend of curves and curves, both being lacking any kind of metal.

This one is made of two individual slices that become one. But the most interesting part is the opening which forms these two dining chairs. It’s hard to put a lot of emphasis in that sense. The frame and the seating forms are also the most visible and eye-catching details. The Deco movement of the collection is also ongoing and we could hardly recognize them from the distance.

Plush Living Room Furniture Sets By Desiree Divano Photo 3

This is the Shell collection, a stand-alone collection that keeps alive the beautiful silhouettes it frames and usages in all sorts of other ways. The collection is particularly attractive because of its simple and robust nature. It takes inspiration from all the interesting and unusual forms encountered when crafting objects by trade lighting.

Plush Living Room Furniture Sets By Desiree Divano Photo 5