The playroom is usually the space where friends can spend time together, where someone can leave for some fresh mornings or where one man can spend some quality time together while the two share the same room. But the owners of these bedrooms also wanted to make it a friendly and fun space and decided to create a rather friendly and playful play area.

The idea was to create something informal that would remind the users that they can do things and enjoy playing by themselves. You might say that a playroom is a space where the parents and a mother gather and some activities have to happen separately but, in reality, it’s also a social space where friends and family members can spend time together. And, as you can see, the colors and the design and everything else are very important in this case. They had to think big in terms of functionality and also with comfort level. The designers combined both and the result was a very playful, fun and functional space.

The play area was extended from the wall and was painted chalkboard. A bench/bookcase with a round shape sits there letting everyone find that indicated the time and the season. The chalkboard floor also helps make the time peak as well. The rest of the walls are white so the accent colors are just a reminder of what goes on below the walls. The furniture was chosen very carefully and only a very small portion shares the same look. The rest of the colors are also a reflection of the colors of the room, used both at the veranda, the dining room, the kitchen and at the bar. This way a very subtle contrast is created and it’s a very nice example for young families with children.{found on designattic}.

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