The plant table will definitely become the center of attention in your living room. People tend to eat a plant every once in a while and that’s usually a symbol of a certain religious or religious conundrum. Nevertheless, there’s always a way to have a piece of nature and to decorate your home with something that looks like that. In that case you must absolutely be satisfied with it. And since we wereTalking trends and plants, here’s an example of a very nice apartment lounge. It’s a spacious room which covers a surface of 1070 square feet. It has a minimalist design and a white interior. In terms of background, the only thing that could be called familiar is the vintage feel of the room.

The designer responsible for this wonderful apartment is Tina Frey and she tried to create an original atmosphere so that the room doesn’t look monotonous and boring. The multiple tones of beige, the very nice tone of the treads and everything else is very friendly and welcoming. It’s nice how the wood touch makes the room feel warm and welcoming. This apartment interior from Manhattan is different from the rest of the one. The natural wood hardwood floors and the ceiling and carpet are nice details that complete the décor.

The bedroom is the only room where the white sensation isContinuing to an even more important detail. To create a peaceful atmosphere, the owners opted for a simple but still eye-catching painting. The painting features warm colors like red, beige, gray and yellow. It will definitely become the focal point in your home. The bedroom also has a printed rug, very comfortable and simply placed on the floor.

The living room is decorated with modern furniture and a great bookcase that provides plenty of storage space. The painting from the living room wall matches the minimalist white sofa and the two wooden side tables add an area rug to enhance the feeling of warmth and coziness. Overall, the whole apartment is beautiful, with a subtle but striking flair to it. The exposed Belahediy beams in the ceiling create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

Plant Tables Living Room Furniture Collection By Etc Photo 5