The usually cheap things you can find for free are those knick knacks that get used on constantly going up to the store and buying more and more. When you have that many choice in store, it all suddenly falls into place and you have the perfect excuse to bring home that high-quality minimalist item. However, such products have just the moment for new designs…not that long after I decided to use it as a curtain. Today I decided to bring out some plaid curtains and today we’re going to see how they can be used.

The first plaid curtain you’ll notice in this picture is mostly white. It has a matching monochromatic look. Notice the white trim around the windows and also the white filling the white curtains on the windows. The rest of the curtains are a mixture of colors. Since white is a cold color, this doesn’t really make the curtains pop. Still, it makes them pop a little. Here’s the plaid curtain you’ll find also in this picture. It measures 21? x 25? and weighs 16.5 lbs.

Even though white curtains are very commonly used, in this case not only for concealing the curtains during the day and hanging them but also for decorative purposes. If you put a white curtain anywhere it will look stylish and elegant, like this one, you’ll have a simple, stylish décor. The dimensions are L 141.7? x W 145? x H 66?. To make it more suitable for a beach house or a coastal-style home, maybe you’d like to decorate your bedroom with a white curtain.

Plaid Curtains For Living Room Photo 3

The plaid curtains are a quick way of adding a little pattern to the room. They can be added easily via tie backs and they’re very versatile. To hang them on the wall you just have to place them on both the rod and the back. To make them you need string and the finished pieces are leather. Use the black cord with a black cord and the white cord with a white cord. Knot a piece of string or a piece of string, say a simple word for the meaning. Then start hanging the curtains. They’ll look like the one on the bedroom ceiling. {found on blackandfrugalhome}.

Plaid Curtains For Living Room Photo 4

Plaid Curtains For Living Room Photo 5