It’s true that the shades of gray and all the white in the house create a contrasting atmosphere. On the other hand, gray and brown are excellent combinations for a living room. For example, we can use splashes of color for the dining room furniture or the kitchen cabinets. It’s true that they both involve the living room and thus there’s no unpleasant color choice, but the tones that are used are primarily neutral tones.But let’s take a look at a few interiors that feature living room accessories that are neutral shades.

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In most living rooms, white is the color of the walls. This is a good feature to use if you have an awkward living room design. Choose a white wall with a few colorful decorations on it. A painting could really brighten up your living room.

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You also need to pay attention to the decorations. They shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to create and they’ll most likely to add color to the room. The first decorations you should choose include a few seasonal flowers, blankets, even some books and a rug.

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The second idea is for your living room to look simple and uncluttered. There’s no need for unnecessary decorations as long as they don’t take unnecessary space. You can hang a chandelier and some artwork above the sofa and your chairs. Try to also include a few throw pillows. And if you also have some plants, they will be a lot more beautiful than they look.

The third idea is pretty simple. Hang an oversized flower plexi above the sofa. Place it near the window to get a fresh look and if you add a wall hanging system too, it will look more decorative than anything else.

The last idea you should add is a vase. A fresh and soft and brown glass water feature would look great on your fireplace. You can also use a terracotta flower pot to create a colorful and fun look for your living room. You don’t even have to use a paint pen to get the look. It’s all right here.

The colors don’t have to be boring. Try something light blue or turquoise to create a refreshing and fresh look in your living room. All you need here are some teacups, a hot glue gun and fresh spring colors. Put them in a glass container and you’re done.

Now that you finished reading all your must-have features for the living room, you should also get some tips and ideas. It will all start to take shape and it will all look unique and sparkle even if you do not really have a theme in mind for the room. It’s about time someone would really put their ideas into context.{pictures from here}.