The idea of comfort and practicality should always be at the top of our minds while choosing a room for a family or for entertaining guests. The idea of pouf, the “comparison of styles” is just a pre-established concept that is becoming more and more popular every day. As we are used to being with friends and phones instead of phones, kids grow up also in a more crowded way. They do not have as many space as we would need, but still, they are necessary. Another advantage of having poufs around your home is that you can make it more fun and appealing by adding more pieces.

As soon as you decide to choose the pouf that suits your room’s specifications, you will be ready to choose the item you want and the pieces you want to buy. A pouf can be the centerpiece of your living room, but also simple pieces like a drape or round pieces. So here are some ideas and inspirations to get you started on re-designing a pouf pou.

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This is the same idea, but more creative. In order to make it more fun, you can use colored felt and be creative. After you have chosen the shades that you want for your pouf, decide where you want to place it, the shape and size. If it gets too large, it will end up being an uncomfortable chore.

The materials needed for re-designing your pouf are: upholstery paper, furring strips, steel wool and cork. Cut the furring strips and cover them with the upholstery paper. Then cut cork balls or or whatever else you want for your pouf. Clean the cork and then cut squares which are circular but slightly curved and glue them to the paper. At the end, cover the square feet with upholstery paper. Then apply two coats of steel wool and wrap the wool around. Let it all dry and then cover the square feet with upholstery paper. Repeat the process 10 more times until you find the perfect pattern. Then you can enjoy your new pouf.{found in getthriftymomma}.

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