Here’s a sofa that was designed by Jean-François Bodin in 2012. It has a simple and modern design and it’s made from solid wood. The sofa has been upholstered entirely in velvet, more exactly in pink, although the sheer iney of the velvet is soft and delicate. It’s probably because of the feminine touch it gives to the velvet and the delicate details that sometimes form a beautiful composition.

Another very interesting detail about this sofa is that it’s been hand-stitched to the beautiful beautiful beautiful grain. The pouf is made of tapestry wool, so it’s soft and cozy and it’s the perfect soft companion during cold days while you’re watching the TV for something.

Pier 1 Living Room Ideas Photo 2

The pouf also has large, comfortable cushions and it also has a small shelf or platform to place a TV set. In the back there’s also a platform to place the coffee mug, pasta or any other thing you usually sip from. In the space left from footrest is the bed. This particular pouf was not designed for placement in the living room, you can still put it in the bedroom, but it will serve you as a cozy companion during the night.