In order to create a sophisticated and elegant interior décor for your living room you need to have plenty of options. You don’t normally think of using wallpaper when you decorate the living room because you feel like there are too many pictures anyway, so you can use wallpaper that you can see and feel and create soft shadows and colorful accents. This way it will be an eye catching decoration in your living room. Here are a few pictures that might inspire you to start a DIY project involving wallpaper for your living room.

The first step when making a wall decoration using wallpaper involves choosing a theme and some pictures. Let’s take a look at this living room project. It uses two colors, the walls being painted in blue and green. The shelves are completely covered with the same pattern. The chandelier is also a romantic image.

Pictures Of Accent Walls In Living Room Photo 2

This living room also used the two colors. However, the process was different. In this case it’s all about the furniture. The designer used different furniture styles for the project. For example, the coffee table is made of wood and has a simple design, with a nice dark finish. The TV stand is also made of simple pieces of wood and has little black or brown-colored accents. The fireplace and the lighting fixtures are both made of simple elements that can be made of numerous different materials, based on the materials they’re made of and their function.{found on home-designing}.

Pictures Of Accent Walls In Living Room Photo 3