All people like to decorate their living room in a very personal way, a way that reflects their personality. Some of them choose to paint portraits, some choose canvas and some choose colorful patterns. But if you really want to make a bunch of paintings hanging on the living room walls, you’ll also need some decorating tools, some paint and brushes. This way you’ll know what to work with and how to combine different styles. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Even though a lot of people prefer to avoid adding bright and vivid colors to their living rooms and paralogues from other rooms, paintings can be used in a very different way. For example, yellow paintings can make a lovely accent color for a room. If you place them on a turquoise rug, for example, it can create a really interesting image.

You can also create a truly unique décor. For example, you can yellow paint the walls of the living room and the ceiling of the bedroom and create a really nostalgic look. Or you can accessorize a sofa with a really ornate painting and place it in front of a fireplace so it retains a traditional look even if you add a few new touches of spring and everything will change.

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Another possibility is to use a very simple painting in combination with a picture and some fabric. For example, you could paint the wall art behind the fireplace. You could also complement the sofa with a really glamorous painting.

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And since we were discussing ways to decorate a living room, let’s continue on the same note. So how about you create a focal point so that the walls would have a sculptural impact? You can do that with a really light colored wall and you can use a combination of paint and decals to achieve the effect.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

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