When you have a fireplace there’s no need to use fancy decorations. You just have to have it. However, not even that can be achieved. It just happens that there’s a very different idea and concept behind this concept. Well…it’s called picture frame. and it’s something unique and very practical. As the name suggests, it’s a type of wall-mounted decoration that often looks like a framed picture.

Such decorations can be found mainly in the kitchen where they usually take up space but this doesn’t make them any less functional. In fact, you can use them to create some stunning focal points in the surrounding décor. In the case of a kitchen with a country-style interior, such a structure can be an interesting focal point. It would serve as a chic focal point for the area it’s a part of, an element that emphasizes the owner’s style.

Picture Frames In Living Room – Simple But Very Efficient And Functional Photo 2

Picture frames can also be useful when creating eye-catching wall art like in the case of the dining room. This is a dining décor with an eclectic interior. The frames are all gathered in a box on the dining table and they create an interesting background for the chairs and an interesting background for the dining décor.{found on drewmcg}.

Corner spaces are perfect for wall art. If you want to create a focal point for one area of the room, try to use large wall art such as in the case of the living room here. Just create a small but eye-catching border and only use one piece in a mixed design.

Picture Frames In Living Room – Simple But Very Efficient And Functional Photo 4

Photo by Li Yao

Picture Frames In Living Room – Simple But Very Efficient And Functional Photo 5

Another great way of using wall art is in the case of an open floor plan or a contemporary home. You can create a colorful wallpaper design that matches the colors used for the floor space in one of the rooms or you can use it to create an eye-catching piece for the entryway. The combination of colors is another beautiful design perfect for bold décor accents.

Photo by Li Yao

This wall art is the perfect choice for those who wish to add an exotic touch to their home. It’s simple and versatile as it can also be used in other non uncommon locations. It’s simple but it’s eye-catching and meant to be admired.{found on pokkalife}.

Another great option for those who prefer an artistic approach and want a classical look. In the case of exposed brick walls, it’s a nice idea to also have exposed beams or walls. They can be displayed in the corner of the room, in the kitchen where everyone can admire them and create an eye-catching décor.{found on ohifibility}.

But other designs are also excellent options. For example, you can choose to have wall art on the wall that goes beyond the floor. You can include sculptures or anything else that stands out. It will also start the debate on which type of wall paint is best. For the classical look, choose abstract and simple.