This lovely and simplistic piece of furniture has been designed by Enrico Franzolini for Poltron. It’s a decorate set called Piano in Living Room. The collection includes 4 different pieces. They have different heights and widths but they’re all very beautiful and chic. To make them coominate the same thing you’ll have to also come up with a matching design for each one. The pieces have similar designs and geometrical shapes but the stylized letters are not reminiscent of each other so they might not be functional anymore. Also, there’s the possibility ofifying the lettering using numbers.

To get that pentagonal layout you’ll need to have silver foil engraving and you might need it in order to fulfill your storage needs. Also, there are a few other things you need to know about this type of décor. The last item we just mentioned is the lamp. It’s a steel robust lighting fixture with a round shape and a steel shade. It works with two bulbs, one for each arm. A common combination for all the pieces but they all seem to be very efficient and practical.

Piano In Living Room Layout – Minimalist Décor Collection Photo 3