Our homes are shelters to us by nature and we must take measures to protect ourselves. We can build walls to shelters to protect ourselves. However, there seems a natural way to live protecting our life and privacy. There are so many versions of glass in the market and I don’t really know what to choose since I don’t like the look of curtains or shades. I like the modern looking, but I have to mention that not all of them have that option. I like curtains because they are comfortable and they block light and heat, which is great and is very good for your home. However, I think curtains can also be elegant, for decorating a room and creating a special mood.

Peacock is classy, but very pleasant in the same time. There are very few decorations you need in your house, so this is the perfect place to purchase. There are finishes to the glass curtain that can be chosen depending on the colour of the sheet against the glass.

The manufacturer offers you the possibility to choose if you want to install plastic blinds, or electric blinds. Adjust the hook etc. The product is available in many colours for about $75.

Peacock Decor For Living Room Photo 3