Many years ago the space occupancy for a family has been totally reorganized through the use of different tricks as crazy as walls, strange partitions, positioning of rooms free of unnecessary things, but when it comes to decorating a living room it is just a continuous space full of stuff, a small place for nothing, a crowded and busy area. In this scenario it would be understandable why people with a busy lifestyle prefer to design their home very neat and clean. If you would like to create the impression of a larger space the idea might be to design a massive living room with enough decorations to house an entire party. You could make a room really warm and comfortable using a variety of materials which could reflect the idea.

However, keep in mind that different materials are suitable for specific things. For example, wood can be used to create the impression of a cold and dark place, oak can be used to create a warm interior décor, marble to create a low-tech room or concrete for creating the minimalistic contemporary look.

Paris Themed Living Room Decorating Idea From Utopia Magazine Photo 2

In this case, the color combination creates a contrasting and interesting image. The white furniture and white walls create a sense of cleanliness and everything is in perfect line with the rest of the décor.The other element considered to be the best color combination:

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The use of black for the walls and big curtains is definitely a modern and practical choice. If you would like to create a dramatic image with your guests’ faces perfectly next to the wall of the living room, just use dramatic blocks. This way they will not get eye-binging when entering the room, as curtain walls are capable of creating the same effect.

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In the case of the bedroom, the use of white and blue is the most popular choice. With its clean and fresh appearance, it definitely renders the image of a relaxing space. Using the same colors in the same rooms is definitely a modern and efficient way to tackle a situation; definitely not a bad choice.

If a touch of red is what you are after though, a bit of bold yellow can be a good choice as well. Yellow is bold and can easily be a dramatic touch in the living room. It also can be a cheerful aspect if the simplicity is maintained though. Yellow acts as a warm accent in the living room, a carry-out color.

As we’ve already mentioned, the choice of the furniture itself is very important. The television stand should be chosen carefully too, but it needn’t be around very often. Adding color accents through small details is an effective way to liven things up. The living room is a private area so privacy is important.