There’s something about this design that makes me think it belongs there. In fact, I find it original and interesting. It reminds me of the old capiz shells, those structures where the birds are flying through the air in inverted shapes and colors and which you can see on the wall. Of course, I am talking about rattan chairs. As you can see, their shape is amazing. They seem to be anchored to the floor and their lines are very clean and simple.

But what I really like about the rattan chairs in general is the warmth and cozyness they offer the room. They are perfect especially since the fireplace in there is not to flashy and is usually minimalist. But you can change that and you can choose between the black and red version and the one covered in lilac or lavender. I like the black rattan chair and the matching white floor lamp, also underwent lots of changes. The white version is closer to the black than the other, while the reverse side is closer to white and has a lower finish. The legs are deeper, like the birds, so they are also spring-inspired, too. But still, the whole furniture idea is interesting and beautiful.

Papasan Chair In Living Room Photo 2

Papasan Chair In Living Room Photo 3