People are so open when it comes to choosing furniture for their homes. When they choose a color for the furniture they open it to new possibilities. Natural and artificial light invades every space in the house, so that the visitors naturally take the appearance of a living being in the center of the room. That is exactly how a pine tree so perfectly wishes to decorate this amazing living room designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. The living room looks like the peak of perfect class which shows taste, taste, practicality and elegance.

The living room has a unique style which combines the functionality with perfect design. The sofa perfectly fits the spot with perfect color and a perfect design. The bookshelves are the ideal decorations for the bookshelves, creating a magic atmosphere which helps you accessorizing the room and make it look always being so relaxed.

Palm Tree Themed Living Room By Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel Photo 2

The big bed perfectly fits the room, with its perfect setting, perfect proportions and modern and beautiful design. The white feather decoration stands out, in contrast with the other kind of furniture, which seems to be made of concrete and hides parts of the headboard keeping that impeccable image of the living being in the right place.

Everything seems to be carefully arranged and placed and the details are carefully considered to make sure that everything is in a right place and the belong to the same domain. Modernity, elegance and simplicity in lines are present all over the place, in the entire rooms, the TV, cabinets or the appliances. There is the perfect play with the perfect light, white and light tone for the walls, there are the paintings on the walls, the colorful pillows and the the decorative objects. Do you like the same as for yourself?{found on freshome}.

Palm Tree Themed Living Room By Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel Photo 4