The beautiful thing about living rooms is that they are always relaxing, with all sorts of flowers and decorative objects, that’s it always an amazing look. It’s true that the taste for stuff matters a lot, but this feeling turns your head to the matter where you dal spend the quiet time. “Oh, dear friend, I fancy the French chic and not spending anything on wine!)

The heart of the house is the most important room of the house, the one where the heart is elsewhere. It should be the place where the owner’s personality is reflected, a place where tastes blend with his austerity in terms of material; memorable, richly decorated decorations are the key to a balanced and lively living room.

In order to be able to create a generous and lasting space you’ll need natural light and preferably also good ventilation, and in this case the weather; the climate where you live is very important. The indoors and outdoors are definitely the most important aspects, although it is impossible for a house to receive good sun all the year around. For those who still live in the cold of the island, as far as living room possibilities go, there are a number of indoor air conditioning equipment, separate showers and cooling systems and many more, as well as an infinity pool surrounded with vegetation and a mini-pool for cool mornings.

The modern white furniture and all the bright white walls give the impression of modern living and inviting people to come inside, enjoying its warm atmosphere. There is a mixture of decorative objects and art that make the difference and make you feel comfortable and nice, decorating accessories that make the atmosphere inviting. The last object that should be important for the living room is the TV. People enjoy to watch TV all day long, even if it’s just at the table, so the kitchen is the perfect place for that. The same effect can be also seen in the other rooms, like the bedroom. Tasteful designs are everywhere, no matter it’s a room by the fireplace or a colorful painting that makes you feel at home.{found on diariodesign}.