This sofa and living room collection from TON Design is a well known example of boring furniture that doesn’t really stand out. With its simple lines and all the little details like decorations, knobs and handles you can easily make a sofa look almost the same. All the little details make the sofa unique anywhere it’s placed. The sofa has wooden legs down to the seat and backrest. It’s a basic collection that doesn’t really need anything else but to make it seem great you can simplify it.

The sofa features a teak structure with a natural finish that allows it to blend in with all kinds of designs. It’s simple and modern and this allows it to be very versatile as well as very comfortable. The details are not the most important part but they are plenty. The light distressing on the armrests creates a pleasant look. As for the color, it varies but it does seem appropriate for vintage and country interiors. Still, it’s not exactly a common color. The wooden legs and the backrest are optional. As for the model of the sofa, there are no patterns and only the basic pictures. The overall dimensions of this eclectic furniture collection are 70? Sofa, child’s room, and 22? Bed.

Paisley Couch Living Room Furniture Collection From TON Design Photo 2

This collection is ready to bring out the child. The pieces are so cozy and comfortable and the colors sued are friendly and soothing, just like the forest, especially the green shades. The collection is also very functional, not too imposing. The wooden elements add warmth and cozyness to the sofa.