Open concept indoor/outdoor living is very popular these days. Couple visitors find themselves in a crowded open plan living room, sometimes with several people and sometimes not even be aware that there are persons living between them and not being able to be able to communicate styles and styles.

The most common examples of open concept living rooms would be the kitchens because they are spacious and have an airy look. This is a modern approach to the traditional design where the delimitation between the cook or entertainer and the other members of the social environment is very clear. That makes everyone friendly and makes open concept spaces just more functional and fun.

Therefore, I introduced you the Rounded Garden Table and the Roxy Table. The two modern tables combine contemporary design touches with the influence of Mid-Century design and Alchemy Home.The table is made from a wooden circular base with a tempered glass top. The top has several layered squares that can be arranged in interesting patterns and combining stools, chairs, even dining chairs. It’s a modular concept that allows the diners to choose how they like and this way they are patrons at their coffee table.

The Roxy table is very simple and lacks any decorations but is also very beautiful. It’s a piece that combines the elegance of mid-century design touches with the informality of modern interiors. The simplicity of the lines and the simplicity of the space supply a very elegant and simple impression, that of a contemporary home that simply has an airy and spacious feel.{found on site}.