The living room, where we spend a lot of time, is a social area and usually we have guests over there on some occasions. But since that’s not usually the best time of year to throw back your furniture and decor, sooner or later they’ll have to bother you. Still, you don’t have to be that surprised. A designer once told us that over half of our homes now include a family member in their living room. So maybe these over sized chairs can help you deal with the challenges.

The chairs feature classic lines with a modern twist. The over scaled back version of the L shape use the arms as sociable connecting points where guests can be sitting with each other while having a conversation with you. Despite their over scale, the chairs have a modern flair and look good in any style of home.Available on site.

Oversized Swivel Chairs For Living Room Photo 2

The Egg Chair is an amazing piece of furniture that shows great style. The back view is of traditional approach to the chair and the design is somewhere in the middle, although it’s not all. You can appreciate the subtlety and elegance of the floral design on the fine elegant lines.Available on site.

Oversized Swivel Chairs For Living Room Photo 3

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