Just because you prefer to have a sofa, a bed and to not even have to move around with your guests doesn’t mean you have to use the sofa to sit on the floor. It might mean you don’t know the exact basics about the living room or that you need a change of style. Still, it’s not all bad. There’s a table that can be easily turned into a coffee table and it would fit perfectly in the first steps that you have to make. This is the Ottoman coffee table.

The Ottoman is a universal thanks to its versatile design which allows it to be used pretty much anywhere. Everyone knows this coffee table is actually a stackable wooden chair. It’s a quite radical idea but it can work and you can use it the same way. The chair can be folded in front of the sofa and it would still be a simple coffee table. Now imagine how much more space you would get if you could bring a simple ottoman with leather upholstery and place it side by side.

Ottoman Coffee Tables Living Room Design Photo 2

In addition, the ottoman coffee table is great for outdoor seating areas as well. You’d still have room for a couple more ottomans if you wanted to create a gazebo or a cozy lounge area. For extra seating, use two ottomans, each with their own backrest and you’ll be able to enjoy your coffee on the patio, in the garden, by the fountain or on the terrace. The ottomans are stackable so you can add each ottoman to its designated place.

Ottoman Coffee Tables Living Room Design Photo 3

In addition to being a great coffee table, the Ottoman also has a clever and versatile design. It’s meant to be used by two persons at the same time so it doesn’t really have a coffee table.

However, you can use it in a similar way. It doesn’t have a standard resting area. It also has a rotating tray where you can place some books or plants or decorative objects. It’s an odd but also practical piece of furniture for your home. Everyone should have coffee and tea in their coffee table. The ottoman coffee table is crafted from wood and has a natural color. It’s light and it has an elegant look. The wood used for the table is oak and walnut.