People’s natural reactions to different colors make them go back to the “enchanting colors” like: brown and orange. But we should not expect to find all colors shocking us. Today we would like to present you a very cozy living room design created by Jacopel Delele.

We are not at all expected by the color warm everyone, especially the owners of the house, but we still want to show their personality. She took all attributes into consideration including quality and color, and we can see how they understand each other, so they design a living room that makes them feel good, that they can enjoy all the comfort brought by combined combination. The turquoise walls are the most important detail and the way they are combined is the best way to show it.

The brown painting in the middle of the living room is the most important element because it helps anchor the whole room, creating a welcoming and cozy environment and making the place feel authentic. The room gets its beautiful colors from the carpeted floor and the upholstered furniture. On one hand it’s an elegant place, very cozy and inviting, with stylish and modern features and tasteful details. The only other bold touch is the orange hanging chair, upholstered in striking purple and very pleasant to sit on.