In a living room there’s the usually obvious material that usually has the most colors, that’s the rug and the usually textured furniture. But there’s also another thing that needs to be said here: orange rugs. They can be just what a space of a living room needs in order to look energized and full of life. These rugs are the perfect size for the living room, providing a touch of color and dynamism without overwhelming the space.

You might be surprised how something so simple can also result in a very ingenious design, as shown in this pictures. This huge orange rug is actually the inspired choice of color for the sofa. The carpet has a subtle vintage flair and is further combined with the long curtains. This selection of rugs is hand made so each rug is unique and is chosen with taste. The price for the items from the IKEA store are also included in the shipping price. The rugs are delivered together with your piece of Solclear chocolate cloth, and are simple to be transported. You can order them online from any of them for $primary goal (which is included in the packaging price, not included in the shipping price).