The walls of a room can turn color and sometimes the inspiration comes from outside. For example the living room is a lot more lively blue or joyful colored; there’s a lot of colors in there but they all look good together. The living room is a combination of photos and living accessories. It’s a combination of elegant and colorful. With a sunny and bright background for those images and shades of red for the decorations. In the living room you already have something to look forward for when spring comes around. In the living room, that something is brighter. With a bunch of decorations and pillows and maybe some mood lighting, you can create the perfect background for your living room. Let’s see how you can create a sunny and joyful interior décor for your living room.

As you know, light colors are great when used with moderation. There are many beautiful things that can easily remind you or make you smile. For example, there are flowers all over the house and it’s impossible to look forward to anything else than new changes in the weather. The same effects can have on a colder day, because of the exposure to sun. If you live in a sunny area but still wish to keep your beautiful interior design seasonal, a bright and vibrant décor would be perfect. You can use bright colors like pink for example or reds and yellows for the winter or burgundy for the spring.

This living room looks like a fairy tale. The fireplace and the glass table seem to be floating in the middle of the room. It’s a very beautiful décor, both chic and cozy. The large windows let in plenty of natural light so there are plenty of large windows in that living room. I particularly like how the curtains are easy to match with the furniture and how they wrap around the windows making it look like a fairy tale window.{found on homebunch}