The sea is an amazing attraction to everyone. You finally get to visit it on one of the pictures. Here’s an example that reflects the style that modern and contemporary designers use all over the place. It’s a living room that has an ocean-inspired theme and an amalgam of elements. All the furniture and decorations have strong contrasts and dynamic colors but there are also small touches of flamingo coral thrown into the mix as well.

In this blue living room the colors are inspired by the jets of water which makes this particularly contrast attractive. Furthermore, the lounge chair from the living room is also a bold move and a strong choice. In addition, the TV console is a fun piece meant to represent the sea and its frame is made of ray skin. The sofa, the coffee table and the wall mirror share the same color. A tone of beige was chosen in order to maintain continuity throughout and to balance out the bright look. The team from Amit Apel Design also chose a similar color palette for the rest of the décor.

The overall design is balanced and cozy. There’s not a lot of color in the room, although it may be over the top. The custom-built furniture is a nice touch and so are the chandeliers and the beautiful floral design used for the walls and the ceiling. The interior décor is very soothing and inviting, creating a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere. It’s very pleasant to be in such a place. It’s not too extreme but neither too simple.

Orange And Teal Living Room Decor With Elements Inspired By The Sea Photo 3