All colors are very dynamic and the combinations you can use when arranging the furniture or when creating a décor with a theme. The walls may always have bold patterns, colors or pastels. You can also combine these colors with pale tones and they will obtain a joyful and optimistic décor. One of the most common colors used in the living room is purple. It represents elegance, innocence and a soft and elegant mood. Purple is also a color associated with the night and history. It creates a warm atmosphere and makes the atmosphere magic.

The same element is featured by all the other colors such as orange, green, turquoise, light brown, dark grey, gold, silver and grey. The third most colors used for the living room is yellow. It is the color of the sun, the one you would expect to see when you look out the window.{picture found on site}.

Orange And Purple Living Room Designs Photo 2

4. Purple living room designs.

A purple living room design includes a lot of different colors as well as a lot of different textures and combinations of colors. There are, for example purple couches and carpets combined with floral pillows, purple wooden furniture with soft tones, purple wooden accessories and furniture pieces from other cultures. There are also purple ceiling, purple walls, purple decorations and purple decorations placed especially on paintings or painting there. Purple lighting fixtures, purple upholstery and other special details are combined in several different colors so that you can see the colors you need to mix and match them.{picture from here}.

5. Purple living room design.

Turquoise is a very strong and fresh color. It’s very fresh and vibrant and it’s also a very powerful color so you should use this detail to your advantage and to prove that a shade this small, warm and neutral shade is an excellent choice to make a dramatic statement. In a neutral, warm environment, such a living room would look even more spectacular.{picture from here}.