The first thing you notice when you walk into a living room is that all the furniture pieces are neutral colors. You can basically use any kind of color you want. The difference in this case is that most of the pieces have brown and beige touches. This means that most of the colors are also brown. This means that the décor is extremely simple, with very few but delicate decorations and very soft textures.

If you analyze the pictures you’ll see that it’s actually not so obvious which nuances are like brown and beige and the strong combination of them. It’s a combination of different colors but in the same species. It’s not as chaotic as it looks from the outside, so it might be a little too comfortable and stressful for the users of the living room. But it’s a simple décor. The walls have been painted in a tone of beige. This allows the furniture to be all in white. Also, the furniture’s height and height of the chairs and tables varies according to the users’ needs and preferences. So it’s a little different than the situation when you use a painting.

This is another example of a very simple living room décor. This time the predominant color is white and the decorative accessories and decorations are brown. I would say that there’s a certain contrast that is hard to achieve with color. Since the furniture is so simple and mostly white and black, all the walls, the curtains and even the furniture and the curtains are mostly brown, as a result there’s not a color that is not at least present in the décor.{found on 1 and 2}