The key to creating a sunny and refreshing atmosphere is to use bright colors. The color palette you use has to be fresh and vibrant. A living room that’s bright and filled with light needs to be simple and elegant. Ideally, the décor needs to be balanced and soothing. And today we’re going to show you how you can do that.

It’s usually best to opt for a neutral décor that doesn’t too busy and that also keeps its décor from being too simple. If you want a touch of color in this space, use spring and summer colors like green and pink. You can add a little bit of freshness with some ornaments as well. You can use paper flowers for example. They have a simple plastic design and they are painted in spring colors like the ones seen in the photo here.

You can also think of other colors that work well together. For example, use pink and blue in combination with shades of blue. Orange is not a very common color but it looks nice when used in combination with purple. You can also play with green and other shades of colors when painting the walls. Of course, the grey and white combo suits pretty well the living room. Depending on the size of the living room you have to use a variety of shades to make it look balanced.

When in doubt, use some words. For example “vintage” or “saucer” could be all you need. Try to not overwhelm the room but use your imagination and stick with simple words, don’t use words that are actually that common or that express emotions or concerns. concentrating on the simple lines and lines and trying to create a harmonious décor for the living room.