When you’re cooking you want to be surrounded by natural light and by a cozy atmosphere. However, in order to achieve that, you also need to create an opening between the two spaces. It’s not easy. For example, the wall between the kitchen and living room is not an actual rule. It’s an interpretation of the concept. When you open the door, everyone is surprised and impressed. However, when they open the door and go inside, it doesn’t really matter anymore the fact that they’re inviting us inside. The atmosphere is inviting and very pleasant.

When the kitchen and the living room are opened to each other, there are no boundaries between them. The result is a very casual and relaxing atmosphere, a décor that creates a very pleasant image. To emphasize the effect of open space, a set of sliding doors was created. They let in lots of light and provide great views for the rooms. Moreover, there’s also the choice of color of the furniture pieces.

The colors chosen for the kitchen and the living room are neutral with a touch of bright and cheerful. A space such as this one needs natural light and this example is very successful. As for the furniture, it was cleverly designed and the pieces have integrated elements that change the way they covering the space during the day. This way it’s easier and more fun to move the dining chairs around the house and to change the atmosphere of the room in no time.{found on vision}.

Opening Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room Photo 3

Opening Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room Photo 4