Living room, kitchen and sometimes even bedroom are all different spaces that you need to be clever about. Use different folding points for different Drapes, Nautilus boxes that can be opened and closed differently depending on the environment and use the built-ins or the choice of design. We’ve selected for you some very interesting and beautiful kitchen curtains that you can use too. So get your inspiration and make your own curtain.

The key element when choosing kitchen curtains is to make them be subtle, with pattern, texture and form to complement them with the rest of the furniture. You can opt for simple patterns like stripes. We really like the one in the background of the pattern bench. The pattern and texture is not lacking in this case but the two are clearly delimitated.

Opening Kitchen Wall To Living Room Photo 2

The second option is especially wonderful for the children’s room. This colorful three-seater kitchen has three curtain rods with cute cut-outs in between to accommodate crayons. It seems like a lovely idea for a playroom.

Opening Kitchen Wall To Living Room Photo 3

The curtain rod can be customized in a variety of ways. For example, you can make a cute nautical-themed rod for the rest of the room or you can get one with a similar design and a more nautical theme. Either way, simple sewing skills need to be complemented with advanced sewing techniques so think carefully.{found on thriftyandchic}.

In the case of the bedroom, there are a few things to consider before choosing a curtain. For example, ask a friend’s advice before you set the table. If it’s something formal and detailed, the kids won’t like it so you need to take their side and ask for their opinions as well. It’s a great opportunity to be original and to come up with your own design.{picture credits 1 and 2}.

Opening Kitchen Wall To Living Room Photo 5