When you have a kitchen as delicate as a living room, as it is difficult to watch with your eyes, trying to avoid having wet kitchen sink? I am talking about a kitchen that has wall as wall as wall. Kitchen sink walls create a sensation of calm and peaceful atmosphere where you can spend time with your family or watch TV. You can also use this room as a great board room for your children too. Here I refer to an open wall that looks like a shelf that has an opened opening in the back in the couch.

All the openings in the wall are such narrow openings which create a wide chromotherapy light that takes it’s place.

Lots of TV sets without a concession to the wall position create the impression of an open space that sometimes seems unreal. The sliding window in the background creates the same impression but without having a sliding door. The kitchen furniture is all white and the connection to the living room underlines the scale and openness of the space.

Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room Photo 3

Most of the wall in the bedroom is red. This contrast is contrasted by the simplicity and elegance of the furniture and the natural light that seems to invade all over the house. The size of all the furniture is impressive and the fact that everything is on a high surface proves even more attractive and appealing. Every little object seems to be giving us another meaning and meaning that fills this room so well.{found on Vårtnet, Bilouweg, Munkård Church, Leivarsq}.

Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room Photo 4