When we go out to eat we need to find space for all the things that have a view and require the space to looked over. So that’s what the owners of this house in Lynwood needed. This is just an example of a modern kitchen with a very simple design. It’s located in an old building and it’s nearby somewhere in a suburb. However, it’s not the most ideal place for a kitchen but it’s not all bad either.The kitchen is very functional and it also follows the same pattern. The living room is also simple but it has all the things that you would need if you were to have a kitchen like this one.

The owners also had the opportunity to spend a nice spring cleaning the house after their move. Some of the features they wanted to include in this kitchen were a refrigerator with workshop, an island/ table and rustic cabinets. The kitchen is in fact a small living room, also somewhat rustic, with unfinished walls and rustic furniture. The whole space was decorated with pictures in vintage colors and the whole furniture was chosen in a traditional way.

As for the interior design, there are some particular that are visible and that really change the atmosphere from crowded to cozy and to a perfect balance between the simplicity of the materials and the rich and simple style.The kitchen is not just a space where families spend time anymore. It’s also a space where they might also enjoy some family moments together and where they might spend time with their children or parents.{found on home-designing}.