Living room open shelving is a must have in every home. The reason is that there are so many different things can be stored in it and the different items can be displayed without the need for shelves. There are cabinets with shelves, swings, swings with swings, swings where you can fixate with magazines, bookshelves, lamps …. and more. This particular house designed by ZEST shows off the storage ideas that are so perfect for a living room.

As you can see from the pictures you can basically arrange anything you want. As you almost nothing has been stored besides books and this consideration makes the bookcases even more attractive and nice-looking. Their small size does not compare with the massive ones that are used for storing other items, like the pillows, the small blankets, even the smaller things in the kitchen.

These open shelving units have nothing in common with the traditional bookcases, although they share the same utility. They are perfect for storing books, or whatever you think appropriate for your living room. In this case, a combination of open shelves and wooden boxes will be kept for storage.

Open Shelving Units Living Room Design Idea Photo 3

Open Shelving Units Living Room Design Idea Photo 4