When redecorating a living room it’s important to pay attention to the color theme and to try to create a harmonious composition while also being able to agree on the color palette. It’s why opting for a neutral, simple and being comfortable and funny colors is a common and efficient strategy. This living room is no exception.The entire interior is designed by Vitamin Design. There’s a very beautiful combination of colors and all the pieces share the same main color shade. They are all very different and, even though they don’t seem like a match, they all work together beautifully together.

The living room is a spacious space with large windows and panoramic views of the surroundings. The red sofa is the main piece. The plants and flowers don’t seem to be very important in this case but there are a lot of beautiful and delicate details. The flooring and furniture pieces also match the color theme. The carefully chosen combination of colors and textures is a timeless mix and a way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere while also maintaining the simplicity of the décor.

Olive Green Living Room Set In The Middle Of A Beautiful Garden Photo 2

The sofa in also has a very nice tufted design. The light color highlights its beautiful color and the whole room seems very bright and airy. It’s a great way to make a statement by opting for matching fabrics and fabrics that match the color of the sofa. The monogrammed wall also emphasizes the beautiful and cozy texture of the velvet.{found on athomearkansas}.