This collection of living room accessories was created by designer and stylist Yannis LePicnou. The collection includes a small table, a floor lamp, a series of chairs and small tables with hairpin legs and three beautiful and original wood tables, all handmade by Les Ensembliers.

The hairpin legs are a very beautiful detail. They have a simple design but they turn the hairpin legs into stand being eye-catching and unique. The table has unique characteristics for both the living room and the bedroom. The chairs are particularly interesting because of their sleek and linear shape and the green upholstery.

The chairs have a round shape and they are covered in cowhide. They are soft and comfortable and the seats are deep velvet which, combined, make them cozy and comfortable. The coffee table and the chair upholstery are available in several colors but there’s also a series of neutral color tones that can also come from other elements in the room.For example, the white dining chairs can be complemented by the chocolate-yellow ottomans. The white sofa is particularly interesting because of the marble table. The leather accent cushions further increase the functionality of the décor.